Just a short drive from Huelva we come to the border and, beyond that, the neighbouring country of Portugal. The southern part of Portugal is the region of the Algarve, a well known commercial and tourist area, where you can find many large hotels and leisure activities.

Our trip will take us through some of the most important towns and cities of this area, in order to learn first-hand about the economic and social aspects of this country. We shall begin by visiting the capital of this region, the city of Faro, a city which has successfully found the perfect balance between commerce, culture and leisure.

After crossing the new part of the city we shall head for the historic centre of the city, where we shall have the opportunity to explore within the city walls , to find the Sé Cathedral. There, we shall enjoy visiting this unique cathedra l with its extravagant chapels, so heavily laden with history.

Having visited the cathedral we shall leave Faro and make our way to Vilamoura, a famous summer holiday resort, where more than 1300 of the most luxurious yachts in Portugal are berthed, and where we can see innumerable shops and leisure facilities; a place which is indisputably linked with high society, purchasing power and luxury.

Break for lunch either in the harbour of Vilamoura itself, or in the town of Vila Real de Santo Antonio. After lunch we shall continue our journey to the border town of Vila Real de Santo Antonio, well known for its reputation as a centre of trade, and its streets scattered with innumerable shops and businesses. Here, we can take advantage of some free time to enjoy the atmosphere of this busy little town. At an agreed time, we shall meet up to take the ferry across the Guadiana River to the port of Ayamonte in Spain, and return to the hotel.