Aromas and Secrets of Condado de Huelva

All begin our tour visiting a family traditional cellar, in which the Condado wine-making tradition will be known, including a taste of famous orange wine.

We then drive on to visit as well the cellar of the famous Luis Felipe Brandy, which is recognised worldwide as one of the best brandies to be found or enjoyed anywhere.

On this visit you will experience first-hand the unique atmosphere of this establishment, where it appears hat time is standing still, where hundred-year-old mother brandies are housed in casks made of American oak, when you first step inside the brandy cellar you have the impression of having entered another world, with its unique sensation of tranquillity, peace and harmony.

The miracle that is Luis Felipe is possible thanks to the discovery, in 1893, in a remote corner of a wine cellar in La Palma del Condado, of some fine ancient oak barrels. These barrels contained an aged Brandy which was exceptional for its remarkable deep colour and aroma and also for its smooth flavour gradually perfected over the passage of time.

The person who made this great discovery, an oenologist with many years of experience in wine production and wine tasting, told in amazement that he had never tasted anything like it before: its exceptional qualities distinguished it from everything known at that time including the finest products from France or Jerez.

Those neglected, almost forgotten, barrels were marked with the title LUIS FELIPE, and were reserved exclusively for Don Antonio of Orléans, the Duke of Montpensier and son of King Louis Phillippe I of France who resided in the San Telmo Palace in Seville.

During the visit we will learn first-hand about the world of brandy making and its secrets, and finally to do some tasting in a traditional brandy glass.

After the visit we shall return to the hotel.