Bulls and Wines in El Condado

Visiting a bull livestock is the bet way to bring the visitor near a natural and traditional environment, to deeply and from the inside knowing the meaning of the bull’s world.

We propose to visit a 1.200 hectares land, having more than 1.600 heads of bull cattle, from races like Jandilla, Atanasio and Nuñez. Together with the natural environment, we will enjoy natural lakes, grasslands with oaks and holm oaks, pig herds, mares and stallion of Spanish race.

The visit lasts around 120 minutes with a program beginning with a welcome to explain the visit. Then we keep on visiting the fences with the cows and the young bulls, fences with bulls, stallions, males, stallion boxes….and finally we will visit the Salon de Peñas and the Plaza (little bullring).

The whole visit takes place in tractor trailers with roof to enjoy a visit in contact with the nature, having stops for explanations, taking photos…

Then drive on to Bollullos del Condado , a typical andalusian white village famous because of it fruit wines. We will have the chance to visit a Wine Cellar, to know the way to produce it famous wines, including a taste of them.