Columbus Route

The trip to the Columbian area represents a journey back in time to discover the places visited by Christopher Columbus between 1485 and 1492. This trip takes us to La Rábida, a small village situated just outside the city of Huelva, in the local authority of Palos de la Frontera.

The trip begins with a visit to the “Monument to the Discovering Faith which is situated on the confluence of the rivers Tinto and Odiel. Completed in 1929, it stands at 37metres in height and it is extremely symbolic. We shall spend about 15 minutes here.

After that we shall head to La Rábida, about 5 minutes from the “Monument to the Discovering Faith”, where we shall see the Columbus Monument, and from there we shall begin the visit of the Monastery of La Rábida on foot.

The Monastery of La Rábida is considered to be the “Cradle of the Discovery of America”; constructed at the beginning of the 15th

Century, it was part of an ancient “Rapita” which is why certain elements still maintain characteristics of the arab culture. The visit takes us leisurely through the rooms where Columbus spent most of his time and we sense that this building is crammed with history within its reception rooms, cloisters, church…

Afterwards we shall move straight onto the “Muelle de la Carabelas”, a wharf where it is possible to go aboard life-size replicas of the three ships of the discovery, walk around Meeting Island, wander through the 15th C. port or visit the 15th Century Museum. In this place the visitor has the opportunity to travel back in time and experience the departure of the “caravels”.

After the visit there will be free time at the monument, and at an agreed time we shall return to the hotel.