Guided Tour of Doñana and the Village of El Rocio

Huelva is particularly spectacular for its natural environment. It boasts more than 3300 kilometres squared of protected land, thus making it the province with the largest area of protected land in the whole of Spain.

Of the many protected areas in Huelva, the National Park of Doñana is by far the most outstanding. It is situated in the West of the province, in the local authority of Almonte, and covers more than 100,000 hectares.

Its special location in Southern Europe, in the basin of the Guadalquivir, next to  the mouth of the river of the same name, gives it a very special climate, which is beneficial for migratory currents throughout the year. Doñana is not only a National Park but also has the certificate of Heritage of Humanity from UNESCO.

For more than 3 hours we take the visitor on an authentic Nature Trail in specially authorised vehicles, through the Northern part of Doñana. We shall begin our journey by driving through the famous village of El Rocio, which is both a national and international pilgrimage destination. Year after year this small village becomes the third most important in Spain, for its number of inhabitants, which swells to more than 1,300,000 during the Rocio religious Festival.

After seeing El Rocio and discovering the peculiarity of this unique Huelva village, with its sandy streets and typical buildings, we shall take one of the roads followed by the pilgrims, which leads us into the Northern area of Doñana. We shall learn about the various ecosystems which constitute the National Park. We shall stop at certain points on the trip where the Guides/Biologists will show us, with the aid of telescopic lenses and binoculars, places and objects of particular interest. We shall also make a stop so that the client can observe an area of wetland and see the birds nesting in that area.

On the return journey, we shall stop at the village of El Rocio to visit the Hermitage of El Rocio. Here, we shall see the figure of the virgin, learn first-hand the story surrounding her, and admire her altar.

Afterwards we shall return to the hotel.

Finalizada la visita, regresaremos al hotel.